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Best Austin Bachelor Party Ideas
Men race in go-karts, a top bachelor party activity in Austin

Who knew that wedding planning would be so crazy, right? From choosing the colors of your napkins to what songs you want on the playlist, you’ve got what feels like a million little decisions to make. So when it comes to your bachelor party, let’s keep things simple: Austin is the best city for your celebration.

Brewery tours, axe throwing, kayaking—this Texas town leans in hard when it comes to activities. Take your pick of options and get ready for an unforgettable Austin bachelor party.

For the Speed Racers

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Admit it: There’s always been a competitive streak among your buddies. A little trip to Circuit of the Americas should settle the score once and for all. Slip into one of the go-karts and burn rubber as you put the best man to shame. Note: no bumping or spinning out is allowed, so keep the races clean and the victories earned. In fact, if you race fast enough, you’re put into the monthly fastest drivers competition. Winners receive gear and a gift card for future laps. Not only will you forever win bragging rights among your friends, you can be the champ of Texas.

For Men with Aim 

We tend to think we’re all experts with our aim, but it’s time to prove yourself at the axe center. Urban Axes has plenty of pointy objects to throw across the room to the bullseye. The space is BYOB if you want to bring a cooler of beer, wine, or cider (all other types of booze are discouraged). Just try not to get too plastered before hurling your axe at the board and splintering the bullseye in the middle. Best of all, the place is open until 11 p.m., so there’s time to test your abilities before heading out to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

For Swingers (Not Like That) 

Golfers unite! Enjoying your Austin, Texas, bachelor party isn’t an excuse to get rusty away from your clubs. Practice your swing at Top Golf. There are over 100 hitting bays, so you and crew will have plenty of space to test the irons. Better yet, the venue doubles as an entertainment center. Enjoy the gaming lounge, full bar, restaurant, and rooftop terrace with a fire pit. It’s open until 1 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, so consider this an ideal alternative to the usual nightlife scene.

For (Kinda) Daredevils

At some point or another we’ve all looked at those soft clouds and wondered what it would feel like to skydive through them. That said, some folks are a little too shy to jump out of a plane just yet. We have a suggestion that will keep everyone happy: the Indoor Skydiving Experience. All you have to do is zip up your flight suit and walk inside the specialized wind tunnel. You’ll float above the ground like a bird—without the rough tumble to earth. Instructors are available to help you glide in the air. Each experience package comes with two “flights,” so you can really master the art of flying. Plus, the wind tunnel is surrounded by glass, so your friends can watch and cheer you on before they dive into their own session.

For Kayakers 

People kayaking in Lady Bird Lake, a top Austin bachelor party idea

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With sunny weather most of the year, it’s not surprising that kayaking is one of the top Austin bachelor party ideas. Book a group of kayak rentals at Lady Bird Lake. You’ll have two hours to paddle around the scenic shoreline. You can pass downtown’s skyline, the famous Congress Avenue Bridge, secluded beaches off the Colorado River, and even stop at Snake Island (there aren’t snakes there, don’t worry). Depending on the time of year, temperatures can get toasty in the afternoons, which makes a morning paddle a popular option for groups.

For Beer Lovers

OK, let’s get down to business. When it comes to bachelor party activities in Austin, Texas, beer is king. Austin is one of the craft beer meccas of America, with just about every type of pale ale and lager you can imagine. Here are some of the most popular stops.

  • Adelbert’s Brewery – Founded in 2011, this award-winning brewery is known for its strong brews and sense of humor. Order beers with names like Naked Nun, Flyin’ Monks, and Scratchin’ Hippo.
  • Draught House Pub & Brewery – This local favorite has been pouring cold ones for nearly 25 years. It’s also won a ton of awards for “Best Craft Beer Bar” and “Best Brewpub in Texas,” among others. All beers are unfiltered and no clarifying agents are used. This is real beer done right.
  • Hops & Grain Brewing – Want to give back during your bachelor party? Hops & Grain Brewing has a unique way to do it. They donate annual revenue to local sustainability groups. The more you drink, the happier the planet! Their extensive ale menu makes it easy to enjoy plenty of brews with your buds.

Wanna see a bunch of breweries in one afternoon? Sign up for an Austin Craft Beer Tour that will take you and your friends to three breweries, with free samples at every stop. It’s a rotating calendar of stops, so check the calendar to pick your ideal combination.

For Nightlife Fans

Austin, TX nightlife works a little differently than most places. Yes, you can find your usual nightclubs, but the scene is much more revolved around strong drinks and live music. It’s a lively atmosphere, but one that invites everyone to bob their heads and clink glasses.

  • Continental Club – It’s one of the most iconic venues in Texas. Open since 1955, the venue began as a supper club before evolving into one of the busiest live music stages in the city. Everyone from Robert Plant to Social Distortion have played here.
  • Elephant Room – This underground jazz bar has a certain speakeasy feel your friends will love. There are over 20 draft beers and wines on tap and jazz plays until 2 a.m.
  • Antone’s – It wouldn’t be the South without guitars strumming the blues. Antone’s is a legendary venue that has seen stars like B.B. King, Ray Charles, and James Brown hit the stage.
  • The Roosevelt Room – If you and the guys want to feel like James Bond for the night, make a stop here. The award-winning bar has some of the most innovative martinis and Old Fashioneds you’ve ever tasted.

Where to Stay in Austin?

6th Street in Austin, a top place to stay during an Austin bachelor party

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You’re going to want a nearby hotel to crash at after all that delicious craft beer. Take your pick of hotels in Austin in these top locations.

  • Downtown – Downtown is without a doubt the most popular spot to stay for the weekend. It puts you in the heart of the action and close to the liveliest streets in the area. This includes Rainey Street, which is known for its food trucks and open-air restaurants; Sixth Street, which is known for the live music scene; and Fourth Street, which is known for its LGBTQ bars.
  • South Austin – This area encompasses South Congress Avenue, with a variety of acclaimed cafes and restaurants. The neighborhood is also home to South Lamar and South First Street, which has a ton of local art and antiques if you still need some fun decor for the wedding.
  • East Austin – Are you and the guys looking for a quiet place after a day of excitement? East Austin has you covered. It’s still close enough for a quick ride car downtown, but is better known for its blend of Mexican and hipster eateries, along with the famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain.

When you plan an Austin bachelor party, what you’re really creating is an experience you and your best pals will never forget. From racing cars to pounding beats, you’ll enjoy the perfect weekend in Austin. Book your flights to Austin and go make some memories!

First time in Austin?

Q: What is the party street in Austin?

A: Sixth Street is the most popular area in Austin. This is where you’ll find live music at nearly every bar, and plenty of late-night eateries.

Q: What is the best part of Austin to stay in?

Whether you’re looking for nightlife, craft brews, or entertainment, the best Austin neighborhood to stay in is downtown, which is made up of the popular Sixth Street and Rainey Street areas, and is close to South Congress Street.

Q: What is the legal drinking age in the U.S.?

A: The legal drinking age is 21 years old in all 50 states.

Q: What documents does a Canadian need to enter the USA?

A: If you’re flying in, you just need your passport or NEXUS card. If you’re driving or boating past the border, you’ll need either your passport, NEXUS card, FAST card, SENTRI card, or driver’s license.





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